Cue Ball at Level 20 on December 6th in Bethel Park (Rte. 88).  Newly renovated upstairs to better accommodate live music. We will actually play a Christmas song or two!


Thanks to all who came out to support  MuSic for MS - the inaugural  Roots Music Festival at Hartwood Acres on August 16, 2014. A crowd of over 2,000 came out to see some great music and help us raise over $40,000 for MS.  For more information visit  The Second Annual MuSic for MS Festival is scheduled for August 15, 2015. 


Pictured top  right - Cue Ball performs at Hartwood Acres Hemlock Grove - August 14th


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Fan of the Month


We  value our loyal fans and therefore have dedicated a section of our home page to honor our "Cue Ball Fan of the Month." 

Ed and Marilyn Adams have been supporting Cue Ball (and all the other variations of live music that are conjured up from offspring of the group) since the band's beginnings.  Recently "empty nesters", we suspect that their support will only increase (what better to do with all that free time than listening  to a bunch of middle aged bald men make music!).  Thank you Ed and Marilyn!!!